DL OEL 801H1SC/APC - 1,29-1,6nm;-6+2dBm; 862MHz; 5-65MHz;100-110dBuV;CTB108dBuV;CSO108dBuV;24-65V;

DL OEL 801H1SC/APC - 1,29-1,6nm;-6+2dBm; 862MHz; 5-65MHz;100-110dBuV;CTB108dBuV;CSO108dBuV;24-65V;

OEL 801H1SC/APC - 1,29-1,6nm;-6+2dBm; 862MHz; 5-65MHz;100-110dBuV;CTB108dBuV;CSO108dBuV;24-65V;

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OE 801 model - HFC node

The OE 801 series addresses the expanding service and operational needs of cable operators planning for the challenge of supplying interactive services to a growing number of subscribers. Ideal for multimedia applications, the OE 801 pushes fibre directly to the curb side (FTTC) of each subscriber household in densely populated areas.

Whilst operating at a low power consumption level, this all-in-one active element has a high system performance with output levels and low noise levels for distribution in any broadband HFC network environment. The use of standard pads and a limited number of universal accessories simplifi es and reduces setup time.

The node can be customised as either a receiver only or as a transmitter / receiver. Housed in a small, weather sealed unit and based on the modular MIDI platform, lowers the cost of spare parts, resulting in convenient maintenance and reduction in operational costs. The series excels by having both a competitive price/performance ratio as well as low operating costs.

- Value line – compact deep fibre optical node
- High system performance – high levels/low noise
- Output splitter incorporated within the node
- Single compact unit, housing fi bre optic receiver/transmitter and a versatile CATV amplifier
- Competitive price/performance


Forward path, optical section OE 801H1
Optical wavelength 1290 - 1600 nm
Optical input power level -6 to +2 dBm
Forward path, coaxial section  
Bandwidth (depending or diplexer) 47-862 mHz
Output level- High gain (optical link specfications) 100-110 dBµV
CTB (42 ch CENELEC) @ 0 dBm /4.5% OMI 62 dB @ 108 dBµV flat
CSO (42 ch CENELEC) @ 0 dBm /4.5% OMI 65 dB @ 108 dBµV flat
Return path  
Bandwidth (depending on diplexer modules) 5-65 MHz
Line power voltage 24-65 VAC
Line power current 800-350 mA
Mains power, voltage 175-260 VAC
Power consumption (incl. return path) 15 W
Internally used optical connector SC/APC
Coaxial output PG11
Dimension 220 x 180 x 82 mm
Weight 2 kg
Water and dust protection IP65

Note: All specifications are with 0 dB link modules. If other modules are inserted,
please correct for insertion loss.

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