DL PS5-10A-04 rozbočovač štvornásobný

DL PS5-10A-04 rozbočovač štvornásobný

PS5-10A-04 rozbočovač štvornásobný

27,85 €

33,42 € s DPH

Skladové číslo: 1-1661

Dostupnosť: Nie je skladom

Výrobca: DKT

Product information
With the DKTCOMEGA PS5-10A we have expanded the line
of compact power passing splitters and taps to incorpo-
rate two 3-way and a 4-way splitter as well as a 2 way
tap with fixed platform with possible AC feed on every
The compact size of the housing makes installation in
even small street cabinets possible avoiding exchange of
very expensive components like installation of new street
The extended distance between inputs makes use of
heavy coaxial cables possible.
The electrical performance is according to CENELEC's
highest standards just as the other DKTCOMEGA products.
Additionally, all the PS5-10A platforms can be used as
power inserter together with the PG11M-AC.


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