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    DKT SiS 03 rozbočovač DKT Comega 5-1006MHz,výstup 3x5,4dB, séria signia

    DKT SiS 03 rozbočovač DKT Comega 5-1006MHz,výstup
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      Podrobnosti o produkte

      Over and over again all CATV network operators face faults in their network caused by defect interconnections between cables and network components. The cause is either that the cable connector has loosened or the connector on the network component is corroded. The connectors loosen due to vibration, temperature changes and the physical behavior of the metal of which the connectors are made, it cold-flows. Clod-flow is a characteristic of “soft” metals like zinc and aluminum, which means that over time these metals deform even at low temperatures, e.g. due to the stress from the thermal contraction of the attached cables during the cold winter time. The DKT Signia product series has connectors made in brass, which does not cold-flow. In addition the connectors are plated with a nickel-tin alloy, which is very resistance to corrosion. High quality cable connectors are also made in brass with nickel-tin plating. In conclusion, using the Signia products improves the operation of the CATV network considerably.

      Electrically the Signia product series has a low failure rate, too. All splitters and taps in the network contain ferrite cores. At high powers these cores are driven above their linear range of operation; hence signals are intermixed (called passive intermodulation). This is observed as an increased noise in the network, which might result in periodic failures that can be extremely difficult to localize and correct. In the Signia product series the ferrite cores have a much higher linear range of operation. All ferrite cores have a memory effect; when the cores are exposed to a strong signal their linear range of operation is narrowed permanently. The ferrite cores used in the Signia product series are more resistant to this effect. And in addition there is a built-in protection in the Signia product series that protects the ferrite cores against unwanted strong signals.

      - Class A
      - AC Block
      - Resistant to passive intermodulation
      - Surge pulse protection
      - Protected against dust & humidity
      - Corrosion-free
      Type no. Insertion loss
      Item no.
        10-470 470-862 862-1006 1006-1300 10-470 470-862 862-1006 1006-1300  
      SiS 02 3.3 3.5 3.7 4.0 34/28 30/23 29/22 24/20 48002
      SiS 03 5.2 5.6 5.8 6.2 32/26 32/25 24/20 22/20 48003
      SiS 03A 3.3
      32/26 30/24 30/24 28/21 48005
      SiS 04 6.6 7.1 7.5 7.9 35/24 30/22 30/20 30/20 48004
      SiS 06 8.4 9.0 9.4 9.9 33/23 28/20 28/20 28/20 48006
      SiS 08 10.1 10.7 11.2 11.9 33/24 32/22 31/20 30/20 48008


      Return loss
      5-10 MHz
      Grade 1
      > 16 dB

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